What is the Best Location for the Air Purifier? -Know Your Facts


We all know-actually it is a fact that air purifiers are the best method of cleaning air pollutants in the home. Most of them are quite expensive in the market and give standard protection according to manuals. But you can hear a bunch of complaints in the community like-even though they are expensive air purifiers is not purifying the air as expected.

The main reason behind here is the placement of the purifiers following basics guidelines. If you place them as you wanted, they do not give expected results even they are mentioned in descriptions. Therefore let’s talk about What is the Best Location for the Air Purifier? In your home with Know Your Facts- What is the Best Location for the Air Purifier? Read and Enjoy.

First, Know Your needs

First things first. You have to know your basic need for use of an air purifier. Even though there is the perfect location doesn’t matter, go with your requirements first.

Sometimes it could be a smoky kitchen or care for a baby room. You cannot place it in the living room for just as a décor.

Most people use it as a fancy item. Even once in a while, they do not need to replace the filter in any chance.

After you have such a place, do the following for better air purification, which is highly recommended.

Best Location for the Air Purifier is near to most pollutants

Select the best location

You can use your basic sense. You have first look around. Sometimes there may be places, pollutant air comes into your room. Especially in rooms, you can see mold in walls which breeds the allergy factors. Always keep in mind to keep close to the source.

Also if you got help with a smoker, place the purifier right near the place he smokes. Bad smoke odor can spread anywhere. But near the source, you can reduce the maximum damage.

If you are an allergy guy like asthma, check around the home for frequent places where you got allergy reactions.

Sometimes maybe it kitchen smoke, near your pets. Following your best routine always be prepared to cover that source as possible as you can.

Select a period like a day or two. Check the difference in the air quality. If there is not something better you can move on to a better location.

What about near the Doors or windows?

Guard Near Windows

Actually, near door or window purifiers can do their job perfectly. For example, place them near to one of the opened main windows of your living room, after few hours you can see filter has clogged with dust rapidly.

Doors, windows are the main entrances where dust and other air contaminants have easy access to any place. But the safest way to help purification is minimizing the open areas inside from outside.

Otherwise, filters can easily clog and purification inside air contaminants is operating properly.

Best Location for the Air Purifier- Bed Rooms

One safe method to place air purifiers in the bedroom is close to the door outside of the bedroom. Always turn it away from the bedroom as possible for better purification.

The reason behind this we can not allow any contaminant let to go inside of the bedroom. Air purifiers act like a door guard and after checked you OK to go.

As mentioned above we can do this by keeping the purifier outside of the main entrance. But for inside, it is a practical method to be engaged.

Don’t let it get Cold

If you are using an air purifier one of the best rules is to keep it away from wet. Moisture content can easily damage the inner structure of the filters.

Most air purifiers are made of metal and any moisture damage can give rustic quickly. Also, it surely not helpful in the long run.

If you want to use a humidifier, you can place them maximum separation. Otherwise, the purifier will get cold quickly.

Keep Away From Electronics devices

As we all know air purifiers are easily develop noises themselves. Each noise contained a specific wavelength and if some device near to that it can be obviously “resonated” or vibrated by that initial noise. Actually, it is something physics in there.

Types of equipment like radio, TV can easily affect by this noise. Therefore it is not OK to keep them nearby to each other.

What about Heights and Corners-Best Location for the Air Purifier?

home air purifier
Go heights no corners

When you placing purifiers it ok place them, in heights. But don’t place them above 5 feet. Most of the larger air contaminants are getting down into the floor with time.

So it is OK to capture them in medium height. Unless it is impossible to capture ground-level dust particles.

Also, most people think it is OK to place air purifiers in corners. They assume most of the air contaminants are gathered in corners. But most of the air purifiers are opened front side as intake.

Therefore Keep much open to air can be much beneficial because more air volume can be intaken than corners.

In conclusion, air purifiers are electrical equipment you have to use in a safe manner. From time to time they clean and update with your needs. But if you want to get the best outcome from it, you have to use it wisely.

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