Why Should You Change Your Air Filters?

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With the change of the seasons, don’t you also worry about changing your air filters? Weather change creates an extra clog through filters with several air pollutants.

At the start of the new winter season, you can also get an idea through air filters and indoor air quality. This article, Know Your Fact, is trying to point out why you should compulsorily change the air filter as a regular task. Read and enjoy.

Air filters Clean the indoor Atmosphere

Air filters filter most kinds of air contaminants in the indoor atmosphere. Mostly in bigger particles with lower penetration capacity.

For example, Pollen, hair, dander, dust and spores likewise list goes on. In this case, the Indoor atmosphere is pumping through HAVC filtration systems and contaminates with a bigger diameter than the pore size of the filters are stuck. An air filter is designed with fibres, usually fibreglass, to trap most particles depending on filtration requirements.

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Air filters keep your air clean

Also, filters like HEPA can filter air contaminants up to 99.97 %, according to the data of the US dept. Of Energy.

Other than dust particles, these are capable of filtering airborne particles as small as 0.3 µm, which are known as creating worse cases in the disease level with higher penetration capability.

As a final product, air quality should be at the level of cleanliness, refresh and a good level of hygiene.

According to studies, indoor air quality is much higher than outdoors, and 90% of people spend their time indoors. Therefore, a higher level of air filtration has become a must point to control the quality of the indoor atmosphere at an advanced level.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Clogged air filters are creating an extra weight on the HVAC system. Due to this reason, the HVAC system reduces its performance and energy efficiency.

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Change AIr filters regularly for least energy consumption

When the air filters are replaced, there is a higher capacity of air penetration through the filter pores than usual, which reaches its better performance of electricity.

Apart from that, please do not block the airways of the filtration system with walls, furniture or mats, and other kinds of stuff, which also indirectly increases its energy consumption.

Keeping things running smoothly is the best.

New Air Filters Increase Lifetime of HAVC System

An overworked HVAC system without proper maintenance always eventually leads to a minor lifetime of performance. Maintenance replacing the air filters in regular time intervals is the best option.

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Maintenance is the best policy for longer lifetime

When there is a clog inside the system, it leads to extensive damage after you run it without repairing it.

If you do not replace the air filters, this situation leads to overheating and malfunctioning in both heating and cooling systems failures.

Air Filters for Cost Savings

You might assume replacing air filters in regular time intervals might impact your pocket more than you imagine. But practically, you’re mistaken.

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Keep Your Wallet Safe

If you do not replace filters in regular time intervals, it can cause;

  1. It might malfunction and create several health impact conditions more by atmospheric air contaminants
  2. It can decrease the lifetime of the system
  3. It consumes a higher level of electricity more than usual
  4. Lower the repairing frequently

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