6 Shocking Facts You Cannot Imagine with Air Pollution

air pollution

Air pollution is a fact that no one can neglect. Any time and everywhere, air pollution can be detected in our daily industrial activities. Here are some interesting, shocking facts about air pollution you might surely don’t know. Read know your facts, check what did you already know about air pollution.

1. Air pollution kills More than Your Imagine

When people talk about air pollution, they often do not care about it much because there are no noticeable impacts by air poisoning or sudden deaths on the streets like “zombie attacks.” But did you know more than 7 million people have died because of the polluted atmosphere worldwide according to last year’s records?

It is like more than 20 deaths per minute. Due to the covid-19 situation, the death count recorded was 2.5 million in 2020, which is several times lesser than air pollution.

The problem is that Covid-19 has become the issue and running as the main headline in all media headlines, assuming air pollution is something familiar issue that you do not need to be worried about.

death rates total air pollution 1 1
Death Rates of the Worldwide 2017- Image Credits –OurWorldData

According to the reference of 2017, you can see that there is a big trend of pollution death records in Asian and African regions of the world due to industrial development.

Air Pollution (NO2) difference of before and after Covid-19 Pandemic situation: Image Credit – NASA Satellites

Also, you can be seen the impact of the Covid-19 due to lesser human activity (Region of china), a lessor air pollution record on NASA satellite images. It is a plain fact that air pollution can be controlled with small human steps in a lesser amount of time.

2. Five Main Countries Contribute to the Air Pollution in Most

Every country worldwide gives their “Maximum” contribution toward the air pollution in every aspect. Even so, to the total amount of air pollutants, there are major top 5 countries do the main contribution compared to others, which have the primary control total of the air pollution throughout the world.

All emissions from 2018. Fuel combustion only. GT (Metric gigatons)
NumberCountryTotal CO2 Emission ( In Metric Giga Tons)-GT
2United States5.41
4Russian Federation1.71
7Islamic Republic of Iran0.72
8South Korea0.65
9Saudi Arabia0.62
Credits – All emissions from 2018. Fuel combustion only. GT = Metric gigatons

Primarily this factor is measured as a fraction of CO2 emission because most of the polluted air is occupied with Carbon Dioxide.

3. House-hold Air pollution is the Worst on the Scale

Air pollution can be detected both indoor and outdoor wise. But we feel it like both conditions as equal.
Even so, indoor air quality is much worse than you have accepted.

Because unlike outdoors, indoor polluted air particles can be easily stuck in a limited area without diluting their concentration. According to the records of the EPA, indoor air pollution is five times worse than outdoor due to that reason.

There are primary indoor air pollutants

  1. Fine Particles
  2. Toxic Gases
  3. Household products and chemicals
  4. Materials
  5. Tobacco Smoke
  6. Outdoor allergens –Example: Pollen, dust mites, Mold, etc.
rafael hoyos weht Aqot8S Keb8 unsplash
Indoor air pollution Makes worse the situation

Mostly higher death counts can be detected in financially developing countries due to indoor air pollution. Heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes, and lung cancer are coming to the top of that list.

Properly constructed or maintained ventilation system is the main reason behind that.

4. Majority of kids Live in Polluted Areas

Records of the WHO say that more than 90% of kids worldwide live in air-polluted areas. They also estimated that over 600,000 children died due to lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air in 2006. Imagine how much the developing industrial background can increase that level.

This situation can be mainly detected in lower-income generating countries due to their lower infrastructure and lessor attention on managed production chains.

Also, when pregnant mothers are exposed to polluted atmospheric conditions daily, there is a higher level of risk in

  1. Prematurely birth
  2. Small low birth-weight births

After kids’ birth, it can also impact on

  1. Neurodevelopment
  2. Cognitive ability
  3. Trigger asthma
  4. Childhood cancer
austin pacheco FtL07GM9Q7Y unsplash
Most kids live in a polluted air atmosphere

Also, they can lead to chronic adulthood diseases mostly. And the development of the brain and body too.

5. At least one sick person in 90% of USA homes

According to the American Lung Association records, over 135 million Americans are exposed to the Unhealthy level of pollutions at their living premises.

When compared to the total records, more than 90% of American has got at least one person who is suffering from any kind of respiratory system-based issue.


  1. People living in nearby urban areas
  2. People with lower income
  3. Kids and Adult people
  4. People with underlying health conditions
    1. Asthma
    2. Lung Cancer
    3. Cardiovascular Diseases
    4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  5. People with a smoking history

They are suffering these conditions mostly.

bermix studio isH9t36hwiM unsplash
The USA is a high ground of pollution target

But when we checked the record of statics, it can be observed a gradual decrement in air pollution-based deaths in the United States after 2010.

6. Air pollution costs the 8 Billion USD/Day

According to the records of the CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air), air pollution costs a significant number of the budget by everyday activity.

Approximately it is like 8 billion USD/Day. When we go with global annual cost – 2.9 trillion US dollars, 3.3 % of the world’s GDP.

Also, according to the reports, diseases related to on-pollutions cost a higher level of impact on the world’s economy in 2018.

  1. Disability from chronic diseases – $200 billion
  2. Sick leave – $100 billion
  3. Preterm births – $90 billion

Also, the following table shows how much Economic costs of air pollution by fossil fuels only.

air pollution
Economic costs of air pollution by fossil fuels – Image Credits -(Statista)

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