Buying a New Air purifier? Know Your Facts

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If you are reading this article during the year 2020 surely you are currently facing to pandemic period without hesitation. To the point, it is exactly that everyone is being suffered not only with the covid-19 virus. But also with millions of millions polluted air particles in day-to-day life without any proper protection obviously. Therefore still do you think our mask can shield us while we are in-home or in our car every time? At least we can guarantee an air purifier gives us verified protection to our lungs. Especially it has converted into a fact that air purifiers have come compulsory gadget to our home, dorm or especially to the car.  

But there is a number of productions in the market and we should know how to pick up the best air purifier. Depend on our needs there is number of facts to be studied to select one. First of all, here are some basic guidelines and tips to your knowledge, how to select the best air purifier for your place. Read Buying a New Air purifier? Know your facts. Read and enjoy.  

Why do you need an air purifier?

First, consider the requirements you need to cover. Normally air purifiers vary in separate divisions of air purification. For an example

  1. Home air condition
    1. Absorb dust particles/ other air pollutants
    2. Clean the wool from pets
  2. Car air condition
  3. Smoking/chemical vapor
  4. Industrial (Hospital and Working areas)    ….. etc

People in domestic always go directly into high-performance purifiers. Even with a huge price rate without considering the performance of its basic or pros and cons.

Actually, the main fact is, price is not the key to better purification. Check out the target issues which need to be first ticked.

Most industrial air purifiers are capable of filter high-volume air capacity. And they purify specific germs and different sizes of dust particles that are not in domestic requirement.

What is the technical knowledge of the best air purifier?

Also, we need to know the technical background of air purification. Depend on that air purifiers are categorized. Depend on that also we can choose our production.

  1. HEPA – (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter dust particles size as small as 0.3 microns in higher performance. But most HEPA is not cover a larger area of the surrounding. But actually, it depends on the capacity of the product
  2. Pre-filter – These are very suitable for filter large particles in the air. Mostly hair and wool from pets
  3. Antibacterial Filters –  Use in Most of the hospitals and other probability high specific germ infected locations. They are using specially designed filters for these
  4. Carbon active filters – The reason active carbon is capable of absorbing most of the smokes, chemical fumes, and other hazardous odors. These filters are suitable for most smoking areas, laboratories

Apart from that, there is a number of air purifiers that depend on their functionality.

Always check the technical background before going to commercial names and advertising.  

What is the CADR rating of an air purifier?

air purifier
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Clean Air Delivery Rate is a figure of merit developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

All air purifiers are categorized under CADR depend on their filtration capacity with their maximum performance. Basically higher CADR rating number goes with the better purifier.

Depend on our specialty we can choose the CADR valued air purifier.

Before selecting an air purifier, always go with numbers. They provide a proper guide to be technical. Then we can check the reviews and background. After that go to other specifications. like…

  1. Maintenance cost
  2. Exterior design
  3. Warranty period
  4. Customer Service
  5. Power consumption


Actually, there are no exact products that can be guaranteed. But with our budget, we have to select verified products with the best performance. You have to rank the following

Go with the following order for better a selection. First, we can identify our requirements. Then select the filter want to use. After that check the CADR rating value.

Then we can check the other specifications. Finally, we can compare the air purifier with our budget. Always keep remembering. Price is not the label for performance.

Breathe Safe

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