Get Ready to Spring Air Conditioner Problems- know your Facts

Air Conditioner

Spring is a very comfortable time of all seasons. After shivering winter and before sweaty summer, it is a wonderful time of the year. But in these joyful days, one of the giving night’s mires into mind is broken down air conditioning at your home. Right? If you are a house owner think will be getting worst.

Therefore, it is Okay to be aware of these conditions anyway. In today’s Know Your Facts ( Get Ready to Spring Air Conditioner Problems) let’s talk about these spring Air Conditioner Problems. Read and enjoy.

Spring Air Conditioner Problems

1. Check the Dirty filters

That is basic knowledge. If you are using an air conditioner normally a lot, replace the filter at least once in two months. Otherwise clogged air filters can reduce the air quality you breathe and probably give some extra weight to the filtering process.

If the filters are clogged all the time, clean them well. If you’re living in too many air-contaminated locations, the filter will damage lesser than a month. Therefore, proper maintenance is important.

Unless you have to replace it in a month. But it is okay to use it closely for 3 months, with the least air impurities.

2. Annoying Starting Air Conditioner

When an air conditioner having issues with starting, it is okay to get technical assistance anyway.

The reason behind here probably might be an issue with the compressor motor. Otherwise, break down of the start capacitor which supplies the power to the compressor motor.

Either the motor can be fixed or the capacity has to be replaced, it is good to call assistance support anyway.

3. Dirty Condensor Coil or Evaporator Coil

air conditioner
Air Conditioner

There are two basic parts you have to worry about in the unit of air conditioning.

3.1 Condenser Coil

This part of the air conditioner is located outside of the home. When it gets dirty, indirectly increases the inefficiency of the air conditioner and the electricity bill also.

Normally, what happens is, the compressor pulls refrigerant gas from the evaporator and sometimes sends it through the outdoor coil. It condenses the gas into a liquid which pulls air across the coil.

3.2 Evaporator Coil

This part is located inside the room. Developed heat inside the home can evaporate the liquid refrigerant in this coil.

Normally, dust in the surrounding can easily be stuck there and reduce the airflow. So that part needs to be cleaned from time to time. Unless it reduces the heat-transferring capabilities of the air conditioner which directly reduces the efficiency.

4. Leaking Ducks

If It feels like you do not get the air condition you expect, probably there can be a leak in the ducks.

A Duct system is a setup that takes or removes the heat from the air conditioner. If there is a leak in ducts that means, you hold unconditioned, unfiltered air anyhow.

Normally, ducts are expensive enough to raise your AC bill. Sometimes leaks can be small or break into pieces. Proper maintenance decides the cost you have to bear in the future in serious conditions.

5. Broken Thermostat


If your thermostat is not working properly it means either your AC might be broken or your thermostat has broken. Anyway, you have to check any of them to figure out the problem. Most of the time

  1. High voltages
  2. Inside broke downs
  3. Dead batteries or a blown fuse

That is the reason why it is okay to spend a bit of money on a better digital thermostat for long time usage.

6. Clogged Drains lines in Air Conditioner

These drain lines are dealing with moisture surrounding the inside. Therefore algae can easily be grown. This leads to AC flow being much clogged inside with lesser condition but bigger bills.

If you start to clean the line at the end of the winter thing might be Okay with relaxation time in spring.

guy with tool kit
Get the Technical Support

In any kind of breakdown issue, the most recommended thing is to take technical assistance. Waiting much time without proper maintenance on AC this season gives another bad experience in the next season too.

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