5 Famous Myths Comes with Allergy Season

allergy season

After the beginning of every allergy season, one main pattern we can be observed lately is the increment of the cases compared with the previous year. Over 50 million Average Americans have been recorded, have been suffering every year from these seasonal allergy conditions and that number doesn’t seem like decreasing in the next few years also.

Even though researchers and scientists have found out several reasons, one main missed fact behind this is lack of awareness about the situation and misled myth ideas, have been followed by society in every allergy season.

Therefore, from today’s Know Your Facts we decided to a have discussion on Famous Myths Comes with Allergy season among the community, which increase and impact your allergy health condition. So stay tuned.

1. Our Body Creates inner Immunity or Resistance against Allergy Season Medications

This myth is one of the well-known issues developed over time between the community. Is our body getting resistance or immunity to prescribed medicines that are given for allergy conditions after we have used them for a longer time?

Actually, this can occur depend on several reasons.

  1. With a longer period of time, allergy conditions can be changed or upgraded due to different reasons. So existing remedies are not updated accordingly to developments
  2. Medicines are taken under proper guidance or willingly disregarded
  3. The body does not react to the medicine as in previous

Normally, illnesses come from bacteria, viruses, or other health conditions, our body tries to create inner immunity against that disease.

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Creates inner Immunity or Resistance

Else, it develops resistance against that medicine. But when you have allergy conditions neither of these happens inside your body with drugs.

By exposing to allergy triggers, a chemical known as histamine flows and triggers inflammation as well as health abnormalities inside the body. By using allergy medicine these inflammations are blocked or manage to control that process.

When you using the medicine longer period of time, your body creates extra tolerance to that medicine.

To overcome that you have to increase the dose of that certain medicine intake, under proper health guidelines.

Also, with the variation of certain reasons, the strength of the allergy can be upgraded with time. It does not mean you have a resistance to medicines over time.

That means it is time to change the prescription under proper instructions.

2. Raw Honey is the Best Cure for Allergies

There was a big rumor behind naturally prepared raw honey a long time ago. They said it was one of the best cures for seasonal allergies and other allergies too.

The smoothness of honey is very helpful in allergies as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties when dealing with allergy conditions.

Rumor was when it was prepared naturally, it is the perfect way to use than artificially prepared one.

Allergy Season
Raw honey in Seasonal Allergy

Actually, there was not exact justification about raw honey is the best answer for allergy conditions.

But there was one published study in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, explained that there is no significant difference between the local honey, commercially processed honey, or a honey-flavored placebo.

But if there is any pollen contamination, honey is extremely health-hazardous.

Practically, we know there is a considerable amount of risk raw honey, they are often exposed to nature atmosphere, bees, and other pollen-filled environments.

But artificially prepared honey has certification of pollen-free and extra cleanliness that you cannot worry about other than myths.

3. The Winter- Season with Allergy Free

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, winter might be the best and most comfortable one out of all. But is that mean cold months do not get any allergens?

Actually, that is a myth concept. In the winter season, we all know pollen spread is not occurring as normal, but that does not mean there is no risk for allergies.

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Molds in winter are helpful with allergies

Allergens-like mold spores and dust mites can easily be spread inside the home at any time.

Mostly with wet walls, Christmas trees, and smokes from fireplaces are the best to influence to create indoor allergens in the winter season.

If you manage to have such cool winter, be aware of those allergy impacts too.

4. Moving into Another State for better Atmosphere

Moving is the last thing you can manage to do against the season allergies. According to the weather reports, there are several worst cities in the USA with a higher pollen count in season.

And with least count cities also. But the fact is we can find out allergy records in both places in a considerable amount.

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Moving with Seasonal Allergies

Even though pollen count has dropped in some cities, there are other reasons to develop the allergens.

Mostly, dust mites, indoor allergens like pets dander, cockroaches, and heat and humidity inside the homes can be identified.

These are factors that can be managed by ourselves, keep us in a safe position when worry about the annual pollen count.

So if you can control the rest of the factors, pollen count does not make a huge impact. Even it does, there are steps you can be taken to minimize it.

5. Avoid Allergen is the best way to not have Allergies

This might come with the “Prevention is better than cure” health concept. Actually, on one hand, this is correct. But the issue is if you have allergies, just thinking you avoid all kinds of allergens, disregard the remedies is quite a silly myth.

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Avoid Allergens in Allery Season

There is no exact medicine for allergy conditions. If you have positivity to seasonal allergies, it is not something to be ashamed or worried about. Just take medicines in a need and spend a normal life.

It can be often allergies as a kind of weakness of a person. For a person in his lifetime, he or she has got any kind of allergy situation certain level.

You have to keep in mind it is not something you should not have to be neglected. Specialty, in seasonal allergy conditions, gives you serious kinds of health situations.

Practically it’s an uncomfortable situation. Therefore You need to take care of yourself and your near ones. Have a piece of proper knowledge about health steps allergies and other related remedies all the time.

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