Should I Keep ON, My Air Purifier at Night?

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After you buy a new air purifier, the first thing you got your mind is the “hum” sound with annoying memories. Also, it’s share with the electricity bill. Even it cleans the air, does it need to turn on after we fell asleep at night? What do you think? From Todays Know Your Facts, we decided to discuss on, is that Okay to keep air purifiers turn ON while your sleep. Read and Enjoy.

Why No Air purifier at Night

There are few reasons behind switch off air purifiers at night. Actually, most of them are quite dramatic. But, if you are a newcomer to Air purified life, that is just a normal feeling to everyone.

1. It’s Annoying

As mentioned before one of the main annoying of an air purifier is the “hum “noise at night. In a normal air-purifying procedure outer atmosphere has been sucked into filters of the purifier through a vacuum pump.

Air Purifier Noise -Annoying?
Air Purifier Noise -Annoying?

That sucking process creates the inner noise in the filtration, which practically cannot be 100% removed.

In your first air purifier experience, it might annoying. But with time it might quite similarly feel like a noise of a fan.

But lately, most of them have been designed to run in silent sleep mode, which give quite satisfying than previous air purifiers. Even though, technology gets how to advance it’s quite impossible to remove the background noise that comes from the air purifier.

But who knows, technology has had several impossible barriers lately. We will see.

2. Who Pays my bills

According to medical recommendations running air purifiers for 24 hours can give you the maximum benefit of air filtration. But issue it, running it all over the day, the weight it can add to your pocket with bills is an extra one.

So at least in the nighttime, we try to get a break. Because the addition of electricity bill at night feels like something “not necessary” unless you workload at night.

sharon mccutcheon 8a5eJ1 mmQ unsplash
Make My Bills Longer?

But that is not a valid point. Because according to researches peak of the night time is the worst with air pollution compare with other periods in some days.

Also, there are several capacity air purifiers in shops according to your requirement. Some of them are quite an under range in electricity consuming process.

So as doing a proper choice, switch off at night to cut your bill is not an option here.

3. Sleep at Closed Room

This is kind of main reason, not using an air purifier at night. Unless your room or specific area is closed air purifier’s working efficiency is decreasing with time. Because it needs a bigger area to be covered when it is an open area.

Also with short time period filters are needed to be replaced.

Mostly in the summer season, it’s quite hard to sleep with the window closed at night. Practically, it is reasonable. But you need to select the most suitable place with minimum hindrance and achieve the best efficiency.

When you should turn off Air purifier at Night

We all know the main reason behind the usage of air purifiers at home. Other than outdoors indoor is the place where most contaminants can be gathered. Mostly due to,

  1. turn on the stove smoke
  2. pet dander
  3. Mold in walls
  4. Pollen comes through shutters
  5. Air contaminants in the area etc.

So if you are a person who is sensitive to allergy conditions or a person with a bad respiratory system, while you are dealing with above air contaminants, one best way to have proper protection is run an air purifier.

In the daytime, it’s easy to deal with those contaminants depend on the situation or detected parameters.

jezael melgoza RmYd3ckrlmU unsplash
Wall Mold Make you sick even at night

But we cannot directly get any steps to be protected or give some help with instant allergy situations at night. Most air pollutants can be easily stored inside your bedroom and after all, windows are closed the night inside may create a polluted background, if you do not use an air purifier.

Also, if you are living alone, in a closed area, pollutants like CO (carbon monoxide) can give you even death at night in sleep. Air purifier provides the best protection in such a situation even without your attention and pre-warning.

When Shouldn’t We Run an Air purifier?

1. When it is in an open area

Air purifiers are designed to filter the air contaminants in a closed room. When it goes with the opened area, practically its filter cannot handle a long period of time performance. Unless you have replaced it in short time periods.

2. When the filter is damaged

When the filter is damaged, it only operates an air vacuum process without a proper flirtation. Which is the only usage of electricity in a longer period of time in vain.

Also when the filter is damaged or filled with air contaminants and dust replace it with a new one. Otherwise, it develops an extra weight on the vacuum pump due to the hindrance created by the blocked filter.

3. When it is Damaged

Never use a physically damaged air purifier. If it has got a warranty period, replace it. Else, take the technical support. Air purifiers are electric goods.

emmanuel ikwuegbu 2AlIm F6pw unsplash
Take the Technical Support

Any damage can electrify you or create extra damage on the utility furthermore. Unlike other types of equipment, the air purifier filtration process needed to be better with performance.

Therefore, do not use damage purifiers accepting better protection as mentioned in the manual.

In Conclusion

Air purifiers are very helpful to use in night time as well as at night time. It gives advanced protection from the number of air contaminants like dust, pollen, and several other kinds of pollutant gases.

People try to switch off them at the night for several reasons. With technology, most of them have been solved by the manufactures. Less electricity consumption, sleeping modes, and other new options have come with the latest updates that are very effective.

Apart from that, you need to have the proper knowledge of how to place an air purifier to reach its maximum efficiency for better protection.

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